3 things you should know when overclocking the ASIC miner

Overclocking the ASIC miner does not difficult, It’s same with O.C GPU card. So you must adjust parameters slowly and carefully to make machine stable. You must know what are you doing.

This is useful bits of advice you need to be clearly

1. Warranty: 

Asic board burned
Asic board burned

The factory doesn’t know you did or not, they just have overlock machine warning. However, they will deny the warranty if ASIC was burned or they will get some maintenance fee from you. I am sure you will be denied warranty if the board burns heavy so don’t waste time & money to send to factory for repair!

Doesn’t same with GPU card, ASIC only has 6 or 12 months warranty. Overclocking will reduce the life of the device and the life of the ASIC chip. Consider before overclocking.

2. Hardware errors: 

The machine can be ‘xxx’ status or die board by overclocking, usually this is caused by the temperature control, the board itself quality is not equal, due to pushing simultaneously up will likely fail 1 board. So the heat observation is very important, temp below 80°C is good.
The fan runs continuously so you have to maintain it regularly, replace or fix it immediately if the fan is broken.

Antminer D3 HW error, high temp and high fan speed
Antminer D3 HW error, high temp and high fan speed

3. Software errors: 

Surely if the machine overlocked, sometime will get errors as Reject Share or Hardware errors (HW), please follow carefully the parameter to choose yourself a suitable level. Look at how many Reject & HW and chose right Frequency. Don’t forget to upgrade miner to the latest firmware.

Do at your own risks! Overclock – more hash speed, more dead 

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